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Top Tips for Food Photography

Whether it is a home cooked meal, a quick snack for lunch or something on the go, food is central to us all.

Here we have a few tips for food photography:

Pick ingredients that are fresh, colourful, and look inviting to eat. You don’t want to take a picture of a damaged piece of food or one that doesn’t look very nice. You want people to feel like your food looks good to eat therefore, if you pick blemished items, you will not achieve the desired objective.

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Presentation is everything. If you are taking a picture of a meal, take into account the plate you are using (unpatterned is best as you can see the food with more clarity). Consider how the plate is decorated, how you have arranged the food on it and what sort of surface you sit it on. Also consider anything that might be caught in the background of your shot. Preferable keep it fairly clear and simple so that all the focus is directed towards the food. Using a blurred effect on the background (you want to create a shallow depth of field by adjusting aperture) also works well as this allows the food to stand out.

Food photography tips

Get your angles right. Sometimes when you take a picture head on with the food facing directly towards you, it can make the image look worse. If you try to take the picture from the side where the light bounces off the food, the image will look much better and more appealing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shooting from different angles. It will lead you to the perfect shot. Food images make for fantastic canvas prints in restaurants!

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Food Photography

Use before and after shots. Take pictures of your ingredients before you use them, take a picture during preparation of the meal and then take a final picture of the finished product. This tells a story to the person looking at the photos.

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Take a picture that has a human element to it e.g. if you have cooked soup for example, take a picture of the bowl of soup with someone’s hand in the shot that shows them holding a spoon full of soup. This can make it more ‘real’.

Food Photographer tips

Experiment with capturing only a portion of the overall food product. This works well if you have a dish that you don’t think looks very appetising once it has been cooked. Sometimes using the ‘more is less’ rule will work to your advantage. 


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