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Waterproof Canvas Prints

All our canvas prints come with a protective coating as standard, providing protection for the canvas on a number of fronts without detracting from the canvas texture and in fact enhancing the vivid colours of our canvas prints.

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Heat Sealed Laminates

A high quality micro laminate is applied to all classic and premium canvas prints that ensures all canvases are built to last making the prints completely scratchproof making them very robust in transport and general handling.


waterproof canvas prints

Waterproof Canvas Prints

By heat seal laminating the canvas it is then the face of the canvas and the edges are  completely waterproof repelling all liquids that come into contact with the canvas. This makes the canvas a great bathroom canvas print where any water on the canvas print can be easily wiped away.

 Total UV Protection

Our trade canvas printing system means the lamination process comes with an extensive Ultra Violet protection which in tandem with the 12 colour ink system ensures the vivid colours and fine balance in the range will remain as good as it is today, over 200 years later!


Scuff and Scratch Proof Canvas Prints

Unlaminated canvas prints can easily mark through the slightest touch and are more vulnerable in darker areas particularly where there is heavy use of the colour black. Thankfully through micro lamination that is hard to see the canvas becomes completely scratchproof  and instantly robust and durable.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Trade Canvas Prints offer lifetime guarantees on all our canvas prints as we are so confident in longevity of our complete canvas print range. With inks guaranteed to last and the heat sealed laminate to protect the face of the canvas then Trade Canvas Prints have no hesitation in offering this cast iron guarantee.




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