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Top Tips for Photographing Pets

For many people, their pet is just as much a part of the family as the people. Just as we would take photos of our children and family members, we also take pictures of our beloved pets. Therefore, we want to do a good job so that we get the best image possible, and this is how we can do it:

Pet Photography

1. Look at your surroundings and make sure there is nothing hanging around in the background that you don’t want to see in the final photo. This is important because even though the background isn’t the focus point of the picture, you still want the background to compliment the picture which in turn improves the overall image.

Kitten and dog

2. Make sure the lighting is good. This is crucial for any photo. You don’t want to be taking pictures in a dark environment. Natural light works the best and definitely do not use a flash on your camera. You want to avoid startling your pet in any way and you also don’t want to cause ‘red-eye’ in your photos.

Tips for photographing dogs

3. Be patient and take your time. Your pet may not want to comply at first but you will get the photo you want eventually.

4. Get down to the pets level to photograph them. Become more of a part of ‘their’ world. Remember, they do not see the world from our height. Perspective is everything.

dogs and cats

5. Focus on the pets eyes. You want these to look sharp and bright. The eyes are a central part of the face and if you capture this right the image will look fantastic.

dogs umbrella

6. Try to capture the personality of your pet in the photo. Whether they love eating treats or running after their favourite toy, you want the photo to express them and to say something about who they are as an animal and as a part of your family.

Tips for Photographing pets

7. Keep some treats nearby to reward your pet for behaving well when they are having their photo taken. Give them lots of love and affection as well and use a happy tone of voice towards them. After all, they are the star of the show!

Pet portraits ame stunning canvas prints once you haev mastered the above!r


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