Powerful photos from the Environmental Photographer Awards


The following stunning photographs are were showcased last year at the Royal Geographic Society. I am sure you will agree they are both visually spectacular as well as soberly thought-provoking about our changing world.

sandstorm-in-the-citySandstorm In The City by Rizalde Cayanan

This photograph was taken in Kuwait and quite spectacularly captures a forthcoming sandstorm of epic proportions.
Beauty Salon by Petrut Calinescu

This was taken in a slum in Nigeria which is at threat of eviction and clearly shows a determined pair advertising their hair salon.

chicking-fishing-net-700x336Checking Fishing Net by Hoang Long Ly

Taken in Vietnam, the colours and light captured here are truly remarkable and is my firm favourite amongst this collection.

life-in-tidal-flood-3Life In Tidal Flood 3 by Jashim Salam

This photo was taken in a home in Bangladesh, and clearly shows the effect of flooding on everyday family life. This particular village is thought to be under threat of complete submersion if sea levels continue to rise.

retrace-our-stepsRetrace Our Steps by Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression

Although staged, this is a powerful image depicting the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, illustrating perfectly the impact on everyday life.

barber-shop-2Barber Shop 2 by Hayri Kodal

This photograph taken in Turkey clearly demonstrates human resilience, with normal life continuing bravely on amongst a scene of devastation and destruction.

plastic-tree-20Plastic Tree #20 by Eduardo Leal

A picture that masterfully captures the devastating impact of plastic bags on our environment.

glacier-1987Glacier 1987 by Simon Norfolk

The line of fire show in this picture shows where the glacier was less than 30 years ago – an incredible 120m further forward than it is today.

These pictures perfectly highlight environmental and political impact all around the globe. It’s rare to come across a collection of photos which are so thought-provoking and serve as an important message to us all.

A sobering reminder of the world we live in. Which picture moved you the most?


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