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Here at TCP towers, we pride ourselves on our quality canvas products.
Using canvas as a medium to showcase stunning photography and artwork is something we think will be ever-present in the industry. Quality prints can appear timeless and effortlessly chic when left to the right hands.
In this day and age, your imagery can be printed onto almost anything to create lovely little gifts and keepsakes. From phone cases to mouse mats, it seems the sky’s the limit on products you can personalise. We think this is great, everyone should be able to express themselves and what or who they love.
I remember growing up in the 80’s, all my mum could get her hands on were those horrible plastic swivel keyrings complete with a stylish pleather sleeve. That, teamed with my ginger bowl cut atop a face only a mother could love, made an an accessory to behold.
The range and accessibility of products available these days is extremely exciting… you can have your loved ones face plastered to literally anything. (Apologies to the kid who was left alone with the kitchen scissors the night before school portrait day)
At The Barbershop
Like our canvas’ however, it’s all about quality and using the right image on the right product.
Photo gifts and merchandise seem to have a bit of an iffy reputation within the trade print industry, with clients preferring to stick with classic print mediums such as photo albums and box frames.
What if you could offer your imagery on a small, inexpensive keepsakes such as phone cases or key rings, as a package incentive  – all with quality guaranteed? Would this be something you would be interested in? Do you think your clients would like their image replicated on other products?
We work with a lot of fantastic photographers, artists and designers and are really interested to know what your experience and views are with other photo products… have you liked the way your images have looked on other products? What products would you consider offering to future clients and what are your main worries regarding photo merchandise?
We are sampling some high quality products currently and would love some feedback. If you would like to find out more information about what products we have available, and might be interested in offering your customers, please email info@tradecanvasprints.com



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