Embrace the British Winter

So, you’ve planned a shoot. You’re all geared up for a lovely clear day thanks to your nifty weather app and you know exactly what images you want to capture. Nice dry images. Images with zero precipitation. Images that don’t soak you right through or sully your socks.
Typically, as soon as you pull up to your location the heavens open.
I used to hate shooting in the rain until, on a particularly soggy venture, I decided to embrace the moment. This shift in mentality drastically changed my approach to art and photography, helping me take some truly stunning images.
Rain Splashing on Pavement
I’ve pieced together a list of handy tips and hints that I have found not only help me get through a rainy excursion, but that make me look forward to them.
I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!
Rainy Day Advice

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